Hey! I'm Parker
I’m an interaction designer who strives to craft empowering experiences.
Previously: UX Researcher Co-op @ D2L
Currently: Designer @ Sheridan Elder Research Center
Fall 2019
Push to Press | Coming Soon
A game-based experience that explore corporate cognitive dissonance
2 weeks
Design Sprint
Game Design
Fall 2018
Stacks | Mobile Money Management
Tools to help students feel confident managing their finances
14 weeks
Product Thinking
UI Design
Fall 2018
Nuvo Network | Co-working spaces
Understanding the social needs and preferences work spaces.
14 weeks
Collaborative Spaces
UX Research
Spring 2019
Saving Ontario Place | Campaign
AR & physical computing campaign to sway the undecided.
4 weeks
Augmented Reality
Visual Design
Summer 2019
Protected: D2L| Strategic Research
Using generative research to better understand people and processes
17 weeks
Strategic Thinking
Sandbox | Explorations
Passion projects, school work, design sprints galore
Parker Behnke 2019