Summer 2019
Strategic research into an unknown development process.
Generative UX Research
Better understand the people and stages involved in a process that D2L are not experts in.
17 weeks
D2L Co-op
Project Type
RealTimeBoard & Excel
My Role
In this project, I worked very closely with a product designer and checked-in with our a UX Researcher for their opinion to ensure we were on track. Most of the work was split and done in tandem rather than discrete roles. Areas of divergence were in that I focused on the process mapping analysis while he focused on pulling insights from the preliminary semi-structured interviews.
Team Members
Mike Stulberg (Product Designer @ D2L)
A detailed infographic mapping steps
attributes we found to be key to the
process at hand according to use-case
Given that at the end of this project, I would be going back to school and Mike would be taking a sabbatical, we needed to make sure our communication piece stood on its own to convey all we learned.
How we got there.
Where It All Started.
D2L has multiple projects that have started development that are not only targeted as a newer demographic but also an aspect of a process that they don’t have much information about — that was the main prompt for this research.
Where I came in.
After being put onto a related project, the need for this research became especially clear for Mike so he came to me with a plan — I began developing interview question.
Research Method
Mike proposed an hour long interview with around 16 participants across  a 3-part sample (later further expanded) and a 30 minute activity in-which participants map out a process relevant to our topic that the were a part of.
Collaborative Process Mapping
During the interview one of us would open RealTimeBoard (a digital white-boarding tool) and screen share with the participant.
-Collect Data
Collect Data
Over the course of a few weeks we conducted 17 interviews in which we mapped our various individuals processes.
Compiling Notes
After each interview I compiled and organized a copy of the original board to include notes from the transcript that may have been missed and colour coded by category prompt.
-So MUCH Synthesis
Once getting into the abstraction phase I wanted to break out the information even further so I added in more categories. Alongside the reorganization, the statements were all generalized in preparation for later grouping stages.
Next Project
Katrina Behnke 2019