Fall 2018
Exploratory research into the social needs and preferences in a co-working space
User Experience Research
What type of connections do Nuvo Network users want to make and what are their ideal means of creating them?
14 weeks
Academic Collaboration
Project Type
Invision, Skecth & Illustrator
Our Journey at a Glance
A young man looking stressed out with dollar bills floating around his head
The young man sitting with a brown-haired girl (Katrina) talking at a table
Define the Problem
Students lack of confidence with money management
Connect with Users
28 semi-structured interviews
Extractions of insights
Development of personas & journey maps
Craft Prototype
Try it out here!
My Role
In this project, I co-conducted UX Research focusing on our potential users sample, aided in our data analysis, co-created our personas alongside another team-member, and mapped research outcomes to actionable insights.
Team Members
Daniel Churchill: Principal Investigator, analysis, & personas
Daniel Zhou: Observational research & analysis
Eugene Pokrovzky: Note-taker, journey maps, & analysis
Harry Punia: Surveys, journey maps & analysis
Provided actionable insights in analysis
of foundational research into Nuvo's
user-base's social needs and preferences.
How we got there.
Okay, real talk.
Developing research question
Nuvo Network is a co-working space in Burlington, ON that prides itself as being more that a work environment. Nuvo Network strives to serve as a place to build connections. This business model is why we decided to focus on the social needs and desires of their user base for the basis of our research.
Creating interview questions
In order to develop our interview questions, as a group, we set a timer and each silently wrote as many questions we may want to ask as possible. After that, we went through all of our questions and grouped them by question theme.
The question themes we ended up on were...

Background questions, work-place values, perspectives on co-working, definitions & perspectives on 'networking,' & personal approaches to networking
Our sample
5 New Users
7 Frequent Users
3 Potential Users
What we hoped to learn from...

New Users: first impressions, previous experiences, & initial draw to Nuvo
Frequent Users: long-term experiences, what brings them back, anything they would want, keep, or change
Potential Users:  current experiences, perspectives, & ideals
Creating interview questions
Online Surveys
Sent out to some people who have liked Nuvo's Facebook Page to help us get more perspectives in a shorter time.
Semi-Structured Interviews
Interviews were 60-minutes with both current and possible users of Nuvo Network.
Done on-site for about 2-hours (on-and-off) noting where and when people interact.
Lay your cards on the table.
As a means of qualitative analysis, we each independently pulled the top 20 quotes from our interview notes that we believed to be relevant to our research. As a group we used a card sorting method to group our quotes into themes:
1. Community Goals (Future Goals of Nuvo)
2. Types of networking (Desires)
3. Current Community
4. Physical Environment
5. Preferences + Values
6. Networking Event Experiences
Making the research count.
Insight Cards
From our card sorting themes, we developed key insight cards that showcased patterns of thoughts, experiences, and feelings from the interviews.
Persona Creation
Based on our analysis, we created 6 personas to represent the core spectrum of Nuvo's target demographic in order to highlight their needs, ideals, and pain-points.
Journey Map Creation
A key thing Nuvo executives spoke about were networking events as a means to foster community. We mapped each of our personas to journey maps of their experiences at traditional networking events to highlight opportunities for Nuvo to make positive change.
Bring it back together.
In order to put our insights into an understandable format, we mapped Nuvo's core assumptions about their users to research outcomes. From the research outcomes we provided examples as to how Nuvo could implement the information we are providing them with.
-Next Steps
Always looking to improve.
In this project I learned a lot about UX Research and working with clients. As next steps, I would want to do more expansive research since this is fairly large and strategic research it would be best to have a bigger sample.
-Reflection: How I Grew
This project allowed me to improve my...
A young man looking stressed out with dollar bills floating around his head
+ Ability to work with clients
+ Strategic business thinking
+ Exploratory research skills
+ Confidence in conducting interviews
As an exploratory research project with an actual clients I was able to develop skills that allow me to better understand and work with businesses and conduct research with more confidently.
Next Project
Katrina Behnke 2019